Not Another Cookie Webinar: Why Contextual Video Matters Today

In the wake of Google’s cookie deprecation in 2023 and a steep rise in video ad spending to $12.66 billion (source) by 2024, one thing has become crystal clear to marketers: contextual video strategy is important for brands to master right now. Video viewership, more than any other medium, can be the key to understanding content affinities. With advancements in contextual technology and more detailed data and segmenting available to advertisers than ever before, video ad buyers are at an inflection point. What’s next for the future of video advertising?


Michael Schwalb
Michael Schwalb

GM of Data and Advertising, JW Player

Kate Vassallo
Kate Vassallo

Sales Director of Contextual Strategy, JW Player

William Merchan

Head of Verity, GumGum

Ilya Jurkiewicz

Associate Director, Programmatic, Mediacom

Peter Collins

Programmatic Manager, Mediacom

About the Panelists

JW Player

JW Player is the most powerful and flexible video platform powered by the fastest, most-used HTML5 online video player. We combine world-class software with unique data insights to help digital businesses deliver amazing video experiences, grow audiences, and maximize revenue. JW Player pioneered video on the web over a decade ago and continues to innovate as the world’s largest network-independent platform for video delivery and intelligence. Learn more at


GumGum is a global technology and media company specializing in contextual intelligence in the advertising industry. The company’s contextual advertising engine, Verity™, comprehends the meaning of text, images and video online, allowing marketers to safely and precisely place display and video ads where people are most engaged. Combining that contextual targeting and brand safety intelligence with proprietary high-impact and standard ad formats, GumGum’s advertising solutions deliver industry leading efficiency, accuracy and performance. Learn more at