Video Industry Insights for Digital Broadcasters: Reach New Audiences on New Screens 

In partnership with VUALTO

To better understand how broadcasters are using digital video in 2021, JW Player undertook an extensive survey across film and TV media companies who use our platform—ranging from independent niche broadcasters to comScore Top 100 media giants. We asked them about the major challenges they face for their video business, the KPIs they measure, and how they make use of online video platforms to achieve their goals. The responses provide valuable insight into market trends across all digital broadcasters.

Included in this report on the broadcast industry are three key findings, alongside case studies with ITV, Knowledge Network, and BabyFirst. As consumption increases across new screens & devices, digital-first broadcasters are prioritizing audience engagement, including live streaming, as a measure of success. Recent consumption trends indicate an opportunity for digital-first broadcasters to monetize audiences with both SVOD, AVOD, and hybrid freemium models. Niche broadcasters are also utilizing branded OTT apps to differentiate themselves from competitors with unique viewer experiences on connected TV platforms. For more insights into the broadcast industry, download the report here.

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