100+ Broadcast Leaders Weigh in

How Broadcasters Will Navigate 2023

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This fireside conversation covers:

  • Overall Market Trends - 74% expecting headwinds in 2023
  • Top Business Objectives - 84% state improving operational efficiencies is #1 priority
  • Top Initiatives  - 93% focused on expanding audience base
  • Revenue Strategy - Over 70% looking to grow through a mixed monetization model

Host: Dan Rayburn, Industry Expert and owner of streamingmediablog.com
Panelists: Dave Otten, CEO @ JW Player and Jerone Wijering, CPO @ JW Player


Dave Otten

Co-Founder and CEO, JW Player

Jeroen Wijering

Co-Founder and CPO, JW Player

Dan Rayburn

Industry Expert

About the Host

Dan Rayburn is considered to be one of the foremost authorities, speakers, and writers on streaming media technology, content, and business models. An avid blogger, author and analyst, Dan is often referred to as the "voice of the industry" and has been quoted in more than a thousand news items by nearly every major media outlet over the past twenty years. His blog is one of the most widely read sites by content owners, Wall Street money managers and industry executives in content, broadcast and media sectors.